Hyperbaric oxygen therpy - Biomedical Intervention for autistic spectrum disorders

Jue, 05/12/2013 - 17:47

Scientists have found that the use of oxygen appears to enhance neurological function. HBOT for children is generally regarded as safe, even at pressures of 2.0 atm for 2 hours per day. Thus the aim of the current project is to test the effectives of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This intervention is now adopted by many doctor's world wide, which hopefully will be of great help in directing the therapist to the proper management of the disorder especially in the Kingdom.

Biomedical Intervention for autistic spectrum disorders :

In the last few years a new trend of treatment was proposed by the Autism Research Institute (ARI), it is called (the Biomedical Intervention for autistic spectrum disorders). Over the years it proved its effectiveness and success in either treating autism or in reducing the symptoms and signs and as a result making life much easier for autistic and their parents. The main idea of this treatment is

(1) screening the child for viral, bacterial and yeast infection

(2) immune testing

(3) measuring the level of heavy metals and trace elements

(4) looking for any type of allergy especially food allergy

(5) intestinal permeability testing

(6) amino acids level, organic acid analysis.

Then depending on the results a supplementation and dietary protocol will be assigned for each child for a period of time with follow up and evaluation by the a specialist. Thus the aim of the current project is to test the effectives of this biomedical intervention proposed by the Autism Research Institute in the united state of America. This intervention is now adopted by many doctor's world wide.

Statistics show more than 120,000   cases of autism in Saudi Arabia and the average increase annually of 11 to 16 percent, up to 172% in the nineties and Autism is the fastest developmental disorders prevalent in the kingdom, which is a case of disorder affecting communication and social interaction and varying degrees of intensity, such as Asperger’s syndrome and Rett’s syndrome and other developmental disorders, classic autism is the most widespread and common.
Despite the lack of knowledge of what causes autism, there are many theories for what causes autism, it is believed by some doctors that autism occurs as a result of lack of oxygen in some areas of the brain or the result of high fever, inflammation, lack of some minerals, food, vaccination, poisoning, mercurial, problem or trauma during childbirth, or a lack of blood flow to the brain.

Inspite of the failure to discover the treatment for autism the researchers are trying to discover ways to treat this situation radically with promising results.

Many countries of the world use hyperbaric oxygen, and the basis or purpose of this type of treatment is to increase the amount of blood flow to the brain and thus more oxygen to brain cells, also treated with hyperbaric oxygen reduces the swelling and excess fluid in the tissues of the brain, and helps get rid of the heavy metal toxic such as mercury.

Medical researchers have discovered promising results for treatment of hyperbaric oxygen in people with autism.
- The study demonstrated positive impact of hyperbaric oxygen for healing and improvement of brain functions for many children with developmental disorders.

-Treatment was for 40 sessions in a room saturated with oxygen pressure of 2atmospheres for an two hours a day consecutively for two weeks.

- To increase the effectiveness of the results of the study MRI (cross-sectional images) of the brain were taken before and after treatment to evaluate changes of brain tissue.

- MRI described idle activity of brain cells before treatment, while after treatment showed an increase in the activity of brain function and increase in the flow of blood.

- In another study to measure the effectiveness of treatment with hyperbaric oxygen for autistic children, ranging in age from 1-11 years researchers found the effectiveness of treatment in 93.6% of cases. Researchers summarized the effectiveness of the compressed oxygen to struggle against damage of autoimmunity and the impact of viruses, especially when there is swelling or fluid in the brain.

- How oxygen therapy helps patients with autism?
There are several hypotheses and different views by the researchers about the success of this type of therapy to treat autism. Some theories indicate or suggest that oxygen deficiency leads to shortage or lack of blood flow to the brain tissue, causing laziness and sleeping brain cells leading to imbalance in the vital functions of the brain. Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen strongly pushes oxygen to all body tissues and then brain tissue, causing the wake-up of the activity areas which are inactive in the brain

- Another theory explains the lack of oxygen is due to swelling in the brain resulting in dysfunction of the brain, leading to the emergence of disorder of behavior problems, and therefore treatment with hyperbaric oxygen drives oxygen strongly into the damaged brainٌs and removes swelling  by contraction of blood vessels, in addition by helping to renew brain tissue .


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